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Congratulations! You got to the Stabilisation Phase and you really do deserve a pat on the back.

You have achieved a massive goal – managed to lose weight and keep it off. And even though the risks of your body trying to gain weight are behind you, there is always a risk that your mind will betray you, and suggest that since you lost so much weight, you can now go back to simply eating whatever.

The last phase is a set of rules for life, which are there not to constrict you but to guide you, so that you never gain weight again and live a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle.

The Rules of the Stabilization Phase

You stick to the Protein Thursday

You can eat whatever you want for six days a week, but the Protein Only day will be your way to remember the effort you have put in to achieve your new, healthy body.

Although Dr. Dukan insists on choosing Thursday as your Protein Only day if you really find some other hey more convenient and easier to stick to then go for it. But you do need to remember to observe your chosen day, and not try to change it every week or two.

Keep Your Activity High

You do not need to suddenly become an exercise freak, however remember the simple lessons learned during your weight loss phases.

If you don't do sports, as not everybody can or has to, just keep active during the day – use the stairs instead of the lift, take a walk instead of driving everywhere in a car. Simple actions to avoid a sedentary life include some of the examples below:

  • Take the stairs instead of the lift
  • Avoid riding office chairs with wheels - get up and walk even if it is just a few metres away
  • Try and walk just that little bit extra - get on one bus/tube stop earlier or later
  • Walk to the grocery store instead of driving

Eat Oat Bran Daily

Why? It helps with your digestion, and mixed with other food it reduces the amount of calories absorbed. It also swells in the stomach so you feel fuller for longer. Eating it daily, will help you with cravings and make you eat that little bit less.

Other Good Advice

When it comes to the rest of your food – trust yourselves. You have come a long way, learned a lot about nutrition, and what is good for your body and what is not. Also, your body is now used to the new food and it will also guide you as to what and how much you should eat as long as you are willing to keep listening to it.

It's good to stick to 'lighter' products and only eat hard cheeses occasionally. Too much fat is simply not good for the body, especially for the heart.

The 'low sugar' products though are a different (and more complicated) story, as recent studies show that using artificial sweeteners does not actually help the body that much in tackling cravings because the body recognises the artificial sugars.

However, in small amounts, like diet drinks, sugar-free chewing gum etc, they are allowed.

At meal time – try to take your time, and eat slowly. That way you give yourself time to feel when you are actually full.

Try to not take second helpings of anything. Most of the time it's only your brain being greedy.

Drink while you eat, it will make you eat a bit slower and fills up the stomach too.

... And if you gain a few pounds? Don't wait until you gain a few more. Have two Protein Days a week and that should help to get you back on track :).

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