What is in the Newsletter?

When you signup to the FREE newsletter, you will be added to the mailing list. The actual newsletter is sent out twice a month on the first and third Saturday. So what can you expect to get once you are a subscriber?

Recipe updates

Latest additions to the recipe database! Each newsletter comes with a handy update on what delicious food me or other dieters have been cooking.


You can find articles on the website related to the diet, as well as general health and fitness tips. Newsletter subscribers get notified about these before they are publicly available on the site :)

New FAQ answers

Whenever there are new answers in the Frequently Asked Questions section you'll get a summary of these in the newsletter.

Other content

So that's the standard things you might find in the newsletters. As I prepare these by hand from time to time you might get something extra I thought was worth sharing - product/book reviews, discount codes for related products, or news highlights.

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