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100 Eat As Much As You Want Foods by Dr Pierre Dukan

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100 Eat As Much As You Want Foods by Dr Pierre Dukan

An extensive guide to the full list of allowed foods on the Dukan diet.

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Review of "100 Eat As Much As You Want Foods"

Practically all the Dukan books list the allowed foods in one way or another. Yet there are still often questions about specifics, why some ingredients are chosen, and how to use them. This book is purely dedicated to those foods and answering any nagging questions about them.

100 Eat As Much As You Want Foods - Intro

The introduction is very short and only covers the basic rules of the diet. There is a brief description of each phase and some general info about exercise, diet principles and the Dukan online offering. Oat bran gets a bit of explanation in the introduction as well as its own "chapter".

It seems that all the recent books are done in a more polished way. The paper is nice and sleek to the touch. All the pages are printed in colour, which really pays of in a book like this, as every food comes with a succulent photo.

100 Eat As Much As You Want Foods - InfoThe layout is simple and consistent. Each food gets two pages. On one there is a brief introduction about the ingredient followed by general nutritional characteristics. The latter includes both comments on the nutritional details of the food, as well as advice on dosage and any Dukan diet related limitations. Next, still on the same page the book offers a bit of explanation why this food was chosen and what is good about it. Lastly there is a section with tips on preparation.

The other page for each food is devoted to a recipe focused on that ingredient. The dishes are diet friendly and always include an indication what phase they are suitable for as well as preparation & cooking time indication.

100 Eat As Much As You Want Foods - RecipesIf you like fish you'll enjoy the large section devoted to them. Each type gets its own pages so you might feel like venturing outside tuna and salmon… At points I found the mix of foods presented a bit odd, as some things could have been condensed into a common section giving room for some exotic ingredients that people sometimes wonder about. But I did find some things I've never seen before in there – like the kohlrabi. And you'll be happy to know that both green beans and bean sprouts made the list.

Overall I would recommend this book as a companion to any other Dukan diet book. You won't get a detailed explanation about the phases and all the diet rules here, so it's a good idea to get something like the Life Plan book if you need a primer on that.

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