What to do when weight loss slows down?
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It depends on the phase

Attack: if you're not losing any more weight after a few days, even if you were meant to stay in this phase for longer, just move on to Cruise. It's your body giving you signals.


If you happen on a plateau give it a day or two - it often just goes away on it's own.

Make sure you are both eating and drinking plenty, maybe you tried to restrict either too much?

Have you introduced a new food (it could be allowed, but maybe your body isn't tolerating it well) recently?

Make sure you eat plenty of protein even on veggie days!

Try changing the rhythm for a little while if you have been doing 1/1, try 3/3 - this helped several people.

maybe you are having too many tolerated products. Remember, they are called tolerated for a reason. :)

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