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Ingredient list

Ingredients list

The list offers an easy way to see what you can have on the Dukan diet and contains links to ingredient highlights available on the site.

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Attack Phase

The first phase of the diet based on pure protein foods that creates a stunning kick-start for your weight loss journey. Example menu.

Cruise Phase

A cruise phase led by an "alternating protein" diet, which allows you to reach your chosen weight non-stop in one go. Example menu


A consolidation phase when the weight you have achieved is consolidated, a phase designed to prevent the rebound effect that occurs after any rapid weight-loss.


Permanent stabilization based on a simple, easy to follow but indispensable if the weight loss is to be maintained: the Dukan Diet has to be followed one day per week for the rest of your life.



100 Eat As Much As You Want Foods by Dr Pierre Dukan

100 Eat As Much As You Want Foods by Dr Pierre Dukan

An extensive guide to the full list of allowed foods on the Dukan diet.

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