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Beef Jerky

A tasty snack from a Japanese Canadian Dukaner
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Estimated time:
24 hrs Clock icon

Servings: 30+


 Garlic powder1 tsp or to taste
 Ground beef (lean)2 lbs
 liquid smoke1/2 tsp or more
 Soy sauce (low sodium)1/3Cup
 Splenda (powder)1/2 Cup



Mix ingredients with the ground beef.


Use an extruder (mine is from American Harvest) to squeeze strips of ground beef on the dehydrator tray.


I like to line my trays with parchment paper to make cleanup a little easier.


If you use regular lean ground beef, you will need to wipe off any fat that collects on the strips. Grass fed beef is my preferred beef for jerky because it leaves no grease.


I made 5 trays of jerky that were 5-6" long. I ate a lot of these the first couple days & i continued to lose weight. After 18 days, I have lost 10.8 lbs.


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