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Chicken Foo Yung

Delicious if you like a bit of Chinese food!
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 Chicken1 Breast
 Chicken breasts1
 Chicken stock cubes1
 Cornstarch1 teaspoon
 Red chilliFlaked
 Soy sauce (low sodium)2 teaspoons
 Water2 cups



Slice your chicken breast, chunks, strips, however you like.


Using a non stick pan on medium high heat start to brown of the chicken, adjust your cooking time depending on how finely you've sliced it.


Meanwhile, beat the eggs in a bowl until just mixed, you don't want there to be air bubbles like for traditional omelettes.


Add a teaspoon of soy sauce to the eggs and give it a swirl (this will give you a nice marbled effect)


When the chicken is done add it to the eggs then add it all back into the pan. Don't stir.


Pour one and a half cups of water into a small pan and bring to the boil.


Mix the cornflour (cornstarch), the remaining soy sauce, the stock cube and the chilli flakes in to the remaining half a cup of water.


Once the water on the stove is boiling add the cornstarch and stock mix to the boiling water, stir and turn down to a simmer.


By now your Foo Yung should nearly be cooked through. Using a palette knife a spatula flip it over in the pan to brown the top (now the bottom)


Your 'gravy' should have thickened by now so you can remove from the heat.


When the Foo Yung is brown on both sides, slide onto a plate (I like to roughly chop it and arrange in a pile) then pour over the 'gravy' to taste




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