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Chicken 'n Stuffin Muffins

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Estimated time:
60 minutes Clock icon

Servings: 6


 Celery1/3 cup chopped
 Chicken breasts2 halves
 Cornstarch4 teaspoons
 Dried Sage3 teaspoons
 Eggs2 large
 Greek yogurt (fat free)2/3 cup
 Oat bran5 tablespoons
 Onions1/3 cup chopped
 Paprika spicesprinkle on tops
 Salt & Pepperto taste
 Sour cream (fat free)fat free 2/3 cup
 Wheat Bran3 tablespoons



Put the chicken breast halves into a saucepan and cover with water.


Add salt and about 2 teaspoons of the sage (use more later).


Bring to a slow boil, lower heat a bit and then cover. Cook until tender (180F degrees by thermometer).


During the last 5 minutes or so of cooking, add the celery and onion to take out the crunch but don't cook until mushy.


When chicken is cooked, remove from heat, let it cool a bit, remove skin and bone, and then chop chicken into bite sized pieces. Strain the chicken stock, reserving the veggies (and save the liquid for chicken soup if desired).


In mixing bowl, stir together the brans, the corn starch/flour, another teaspoon or so of sage, more pepper and salt.


Add the yogurt and sour cream. Stir in eggs and the celery and onion from the stock. I let this mixture set for a few minutes to let the brans plump up a bit.


Stir in the chicken. The consistency should be creamy and not runny. This should make 12 muffins (I like the silicone muffin forms best). Sprinkle on just a bit of paprika for color if desired.


Bake at 350F for about 25 minutes or until 165-170F by thermometer.


These remind me of Thanksgiving stuffing, and are good hot or cold as a meal or snack on the run. YUM!

Oat Bran Daily Allowance

1.5 Tbsp
2 Tbsp
2.5 Tbsp
3 Tbsp

Adjust the servings from the recipe to match the oat bran requirements of your phase!


Ideally dairy products should be 0% fat, but up to 2% is allowed as long as it has no added sugar.

Dairy should also be kept down to a total of 1kg per day.


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