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Chocolate Mousse

A light, sweet way to end your meal
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Estimated time:
10 min (3h to set) Clock icon

Servings: 2


 Boiling water1/4 cup
 Cocoa powder (low fat, unsweetened)1 Tbsp
 Cream of tartar1/8 tsp
 Gelatine1 tsp
 Splenda2 Tbsp



Add gelatin to boiling water and stir well to ensure all the gelatin is dissolved.


Add cocoa and stir well again, making sure there are no cocoa lumps, then set aside to cool.


Separate the eggs and add the whites to an electric mixer, with the cream of tartar. Beat whites until they form soft peaks.


While the beater is going, slowly add the Splenda teaspoon by teaspoon.


Once the Splenda is incorporated add the egg yolks one by one, allowing them time to mix in well. Stop the beater and scrape the sides down if you need to.


With the beater going, gradually add the cocoa mixture and beat to ensure it’s all mixed well together. It helps if your egg mixture and cocoa mixture are similar temperatures.


Scrape the mixture into serving dishes, and refrigerate to set for at least three hours. Dust with cocoa powder before serving.


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