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Peppers and Onions Salad

Delicious salad, great hot and cold.
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Estimated time:
12.5h Clock icon

Servings: 5 jars


 Allspice5 seeds
 Bay leaf1
 Bell peppers1 kg
 Onions0.5 kg
 Pepper0.5 tsp
 Salt3 tsp
 Sweetener20 tsp
 Vinegar10%, 250 ml



Cutout the seeds from the peppers and peel the onions. Dice both into small squares.


Add salt to the vegetables and leave to stand overnight (12h) in a covered pot.


Afterwards pour out the contents through a sieve to get rid of any excess liquid.


Prepare the marinade from 500 ml of water, the vinegar, sweetener, bay leaf and allspice. Bring to boil.


Add the strained vegetables and cook for another 5 min.


Pour vegetables and liquid into jars. Pasterize for 15 min from boiling.


After taking the jars from the pot leave the jars upside down on a towel to dry. The ingredients yield 5 medium size jars (jam).


Once done the jars with the salad can be kept in a cupboard for a long time (about a year). Once opened keep in the fridge.


The salad is great as a side, hot or cold, as well as a filler for sauces or with solid cheeses like feta.


Also in small amount you could use this salad on PP days like gherkins or onions.


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