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Roast Chicken

Simple dish, and the leftovers can be used for one or more other recipes. Frugal and tasty!
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Estimated time:
80-120 minutes Clock icon

Servings: 4-8


 Grilling spicesto taste
 Peri perito taste



Unpack the chicken corpus and put in a fairly deep baking tray.
[For juicy results use special foil bags for roasting chicken. Make sure though that the meat fits with plenty room left inside the bag.]


Chop onions into thick pieces and add to the chicken.
[If on a PV day you can add other vegetables too!]


Take the spices and rub them into the corpus. If using the bag you can additionally throw in an excess of spices and shake the bag insides until everything mixes nicely.


Cook at 190C for 20minutes per 500g + 20minutes.
[If using a bag you can cut it open about 2/3 of the way through.]


Make sure to remove (or give away to a non-dieter!) the skin and wings.


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