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What are Goji Berries?

Wolfberry, commercially called goji berry, (...) is also known as Chinese wolfberry, mede berry, barbary matrimony vine, bocksdorn, Duke of Argyll's tea tree, Murali (in India), red medlar, or matrimony vine. Unrelated to the plant's geographic origin, the names Tibetan goji and Himalayan goji are in common use in the health food market for products from this plant.

Source: Wikipedia

Goji Berries and the Dukan Diet

One of the very important rules of the Dukan diet is no fruit, however there is one exception - Goji Berries!

These vitamin rich berries, full of antioxidants are in fact allowed in all the phases

Allowed amounts

  • Attack - up to 1 tbsp per day
  • Cruise - PP - up to 1 tbsp per day
  • Cruise - PV - up to 2 tbsp per day
  • Consolidation - up to 3 tbsp per day

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Where to Get Goji Berries?

You should be able to find these dried fruit in most supermarkets or health food stores.


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Goji Berries


Amount per 100g
Calories 302
Total Fat 1.8g
Saturated Fat 0.1g
Sodium 0.3g
Total Carbohydrate 57.8g
Fibre 12.2g
Sugars 46.5g
Protein 13.6g
Source: Tesco Wholefoods Goji Berries

Nutrtion details may vary by brand and berry species.

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